Prescription Delivery Service Overview with Rx2Go NYC

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Cursory Overview of Industry

The pharmaceutical industry, and corresponding emerging technologies and software, is and will continue to be the hidden industrial giant of the current generation, and is arguably the most lucrative industry of the modern age. At the forefront of innovation and emerging technologies within the pharmaceutical industry is the commencement and development of prescription and delivery services. There are remarkable and lucrative benefits to the progression of the prescription and delivery service technologies that mark today’s field of pharmaceutical distribution. Foremost, prior to further explication, the industry of prescription and delivery services is not solely an ethereal technological movement, but a widely dispersed and utilized tool for the efficient and convenient delivery of prescription drugs to consumers on a scale unprecedented, employed by online, private, and public pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies alike. As it stands today, American society demands more efficient and succinct use of such prescription delivery service technologies due to its increasing population of consistent daily prescription users, wherein one study conducted posits the percentage of the American population using daily prescribed medication at 55%. The implementation of such prescription delivery technologies heralds a myriad of new benefits for the consumer and pharmacy alike, all of which are increasing the profitability and marketability of networks that design and construct such softwares and systems that work to deliver prescriptions to the front door of consumers everywhere. Forbes Magazine specifically notes that, “We have seen an increase in the delivery technology due to the patient’s desire for convenience and speed,” signaling some of the benefits of such delivery technologies as shortened delivery time for prescription medication and increased convenience for the consumer that predicts long term repeated use of the delivery technology companies. Such companies are displaying commanding profitability and success within the field of pharmaceutical technologies, and at the forefront of the industry stands the prescription delivery company RX2Go.


RX2Go Specificities

RX2Go has differentiated itself as a leading competitor within the prescription delivery service for a multitude of factors. Foremost, they offer a wide encompassing variety of prescription drugs on hand off their online network. By using generic prescriptions as opposed to name brand medications, they are able to save an average of 80% of the costs of prescriptions for their consumers, while offering the convenience of delivering your medication directly to your door step. In further display of its dominance of the market, RX2Go maintains a central marketing distribution hub in New York City, that offers timely delivery to all five boroughs, utilizing over 55 different delivery drivers for over 4000 deliveries per day, amassing over 1,400,000 deliveries in their brief duration as a pharmaceutical delivery network. With over 25 corporate business accounts, they offer flexibility and accessibility for both the up and coming pharmaceutical technologies company to the modern individual consumer. Lastly, their newly developed mobile app makes tracking your prescription delivery both convenient and quick, while also offering a delivery dashboard for the easy ordering and refilling of your prescription. RX2Go certainly displays the necessity of utilizing a prescription delivery service whether you represent a multinational corporation or you’re the small modern consumer looking for a more efficient and convenient means of attaining your medication. RX2Go is certainly the future of the pharmaceutical delivery industry, and the forefront of convenience and profitability.

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